Nymphlord shares new single "Please" + visualizer

On June 5th, LA's Nymphlord released their new single "Please" via Lauren Records. The single is a follow up to their debut EP 'Mothers Cry And Then We Die." released in August of last year.

Please is a song about surrender. I tore pieces of paper into a mic to make the sloshy cymbal sound in all of the choruses. The idea was to layer those up against layers of grainy vocal beds to create a kind of white noise over and under the guitar riff. We also tried to find a field recording of a train conductor saying "you have reached the end of the line" to capture the song's meaning, but apparently not that many people spend their time sourcing train sounds for YouTube these days. If anyone finds one in the wild, please send it my way. I hope listening to this song feels like holding a bag of soft hope. 

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