New Talking Kind Single "It Did Bring Me Down"

The Talking Kind

The Talking Kind's new single "Trouble" featuring Radiator Hospital and The Goodbye Party is OUT NOW!

Their debut album "It Did Bring Me Down" out Sept. 8th on Lauren Records


Today, The Talking Kind releases their new single "Trouble" featuring Radiator Hospital's Sam Cook-Parrot and The Goodbye Party's Michael Cantor. The song taps into Graham's softer side with whispered vocals and hushed instrumentation, recorded into an old 4-track. The song is vulnerable but funny, embracing the honesty that comes with a big mouth.


Backed by a self-deprecating sense of humor that his therapist calls “worrisome,” TALKING KIND presents Pat Graham with an opportunity to explore being totally honest with himself. With It Did Bring Me Down, the seasoned DIY songwriter is able to marry his stripped down, pop-driven songwriting to an attitude of being so “over it” that life is a breeze.

With It Did Bring Me Down, TALKING KIND is practicing self-care through immediacy. Before he lets himself edit out the expletives, Pat Graham is just saying shit.

It Did Bring Me Down TRACKLIST


Under Appreciated

Damn Shame

Never Bored

Pretty Flowers

Brand New Face


Trusted You

My Truck


World of Peace


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