the world famous' new single "Hollywood Pawn" OUT NOW!

the world famous

the world famous' new single "Hollywood Pawn" OUT NOW!

Their debut album "Totally Famous" out Oct. 13th on Lauren Records


Today, Los Angeles guitar champs "the world famous" release a single off their new album, "Totally Famous." There's a seafoam-colored positivity that threads its way in and out on their new single "Hollywood Pawn," only giving occasional glimpses of the darker currents that wend beneath the surface. Nonetheless, a common thread for the world famous is to poke fun at LA; it’s still not quite home for them - not in the same way that Boston, where they attended high school and formed their first bands, has always felt.


The band is, essentially, a Boston transplant; most band members, including singer/lyricist Will Harris, are originally from Massachusetts. Their sound feels at home enough in sunny California, calling back to bygone Weezer, but nonetheless feels thematically grounded in their native East Coast, often looking playfully askance at LA as it mines truth from the SoCal stereotypes we all know and love.

“It’s nice enough beneath the palm trees; it’s where I go to make ends meet,” lead single Hollywood Pawn opens. When he first moved across the country from Boston to Los Angeles, Harris would regularly pawn his guitar in order to afford the basics, then buy it back as soon as his paycheck came through. Staying in the light is a conscious choice throughout - never losing sight of the fact that things have improved since and that the high of getting his guitar back every time far outweighed the low of selling it.


Totally Famous TRACKLIST

Everyday Fear

Nobody in LA


Love Song for a Long Lost Friend

Hollywood Pawn

no title

Lipstick Trick

Danvers Opening

O.C. Psychic

Candy Clouds



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