GUPPY releases new single "American Cowboy" and announces album "Something Is Happening..."

Strap up your saddle for GUPPY’s newest single "American Cowboy" off their impending 3rd album 'Something is Happening...,' produced by Sarah Tudzin (illuminati hotties, boygenius). This track is meant as a reminder to all the cowboys of the world with sensitive stomachs, you don’t have to take shit from anyone. The song comes with a line-dance-worthy groove and a chorus that makes you want to throw your arm around your neighbor and sing along. The lyrics follow the mundane day to day of the modern cowboy in all its glory:


“Standing in front of an open fridge trying just to keep my chill

Putting my hands in my roommate’s yogurt for something I can actually feel”


Their album, 'Something Is Happening,' is out May 17th on Lauren Records and is available for pre-order here

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