Career Woman Releases New Single "Stage Play"

Today, 4/18, Career Woman releases her latest single "Stage Play," a remake of the song "Dream Journal (feat. Al Menne of Great Grandpa)". The song is about imposter syndrome, being bad at change, but accepting new things into your life even though it's hard.

Melody (Career Woman) felt she didn't know she needed this version to exist until her drummer, Jackson, showed her a demo for it. He expressed, "This needs to be a full band song." Melody was hesitant at first, but it became one of her favorite projects they've ever made. It is the first track they'd recorded as a band since having played many live shows together, and she feels it shows.

Melody shares, "I feel like it's clear how much more comfortable we are with each other on this recording, and it is so fitting for the message of the song. I am in disbelief how I've been able to surpass my expectations and goals already when it comes to music. Playing shows went from being my biggest fear to my most comfortable and confident place, and singing 'all of this wishing, it is all kind of coming true' on stage always gives me chills. I am super grateful for my band for bringing this song and this project to their fullest potential."


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