Maxwell Stern - "Impossible Sum"
Maxwell Stern - "Impossible Sum"
Maxwell Stern - "Impossible Sum"
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Maxwell Stern - "Impossible Sum"

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Maxwell Stern proves himself as a veteran songwriter with his debut LP Impossible Sum. It’s a folk-rock record for the people that features a roundup of artists like Laura Stevenson, Adam Beck (Into It. Over It, Sincere Engineer), and more. Inspired by musicians like Tom Petty, The Weakerthans, and Jets To Brazil, Impossible Sum explores the interconnected nature of life that we often look over.

LP Notes:
- Yellow Vinyl

1. Always Almost
2. Water Tower
3. Light Later Lately
4. Shiny Things
5. Left In The Living Room
6. Born At The End Of A Year
7. Pull The Stars Down
8. Flyover Town
9. Never Ending Equals Sign
10. Going to My Brother's House
11. Warm In Your Car

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- 400 Turquoise
- 100 Surprise Color (Record Club / Retail Exclusive)
Second Pressing
- 300 Yellow