New Pacing x Career Woman single "Boyfriends" out now!

Career Woman

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We were writing a bridge for a totally different song and Melody started singing the "me and my friends we don't like men" hook. And I was immediately like "wait, that is a hit song." And I took a voice memo of it and sent it to her and was like "you need to write that song cause that's a banger" and she was like "well why don't we just write it right now?"

I think it's about friendship and love and growing up and wasting time. It's one of my favorite songs I've ever been a part of, it just has a great feeling to it. It feels very nostalgic to me, like I can't tell which parts are about being a kid and which parts are about being a grownup.

- Katie

I have never really been one to collaborate when writing songs, especially lyrics. For me, that is as personal and private as it gets, and whenever I have written lyrics with others in the past it comes out forced and wrong and I'm never happy with the result. But this time it was different, and not only did I feel 100% myself and comfortable with Katie but I feel like I may have produced some of my favorite lyrical writing to date. "Boyfriends" contains some of the most true lyrics I've ever been a part of creating, and it's so cool to say that the ideas were literally 50/50 between the two of us. It felt like a really genuine collaboration, where we both put everything we thought of onto the table, and supported each other's ideas as they came out, no matter how silly we thought they were. 

- Melody

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